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IMPROV for Business

Do you want to flex your creative muscle? Discover new ways to come up with fresh ideas?This workshop focuses on using improv to get out of your head and onto a page. Using both games and creative writing exercises, we spend our time together developing skills to become more articulate writers and presenters.  1/2 day and full day workshops are available!


Do you want to be a more dynamic presenter? Develop more confidence when speaking in front of a group or when leading a team? This workshop uses improv to enhance your public speaking skills!  Great for sales professionals and managers, the experience focuses on powerful listening, interpersonal communication and the art of responding in the moment. - 1/2 day and full day workshops are available!


Do you want to build a stronger team? Discover the strengths in your co-workers? When you work together, everyone feels important. Your group will build trust, strengthen  body language and  learn the most important rule of improv "yes and." You will practice accepting the gifts you are given and build on them to create a stronger more cohesive team.  This workshop is great for kicking off retreats or sales meetings! 1/2 day and full day workshops are available!

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